Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unconscience Mutterings #367 and dailies

Today is "Wave at Your Neighbor Day". So let's all make a point to do that.

Dove Twitter Party Tonight at 5:30 CST. Use tag #Dovemencare.

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WAAAY behind on my book reviews, so please bare with me. LOTS of reviews this week. If you want to put some life back in your marriage, read my review on "The Marriage Project". Cannot wait to start this 21 day program tomorrow. What Fun! If you want to purchace the book, and do the project yourself, you can order it HERE.

I say and you think?

  1. Humbled :: belittled

  2. Buns :: of steel

  3. Snowstorm :: snowmen

  4. Sweetheart :: valentine

  5. Punch :: bowl

  6. Glass :: vintage

  7. Classical :: Mozart

  8. Heels :: 3"

  9. Twitter :: @LMsMeeMaw

  10. Husband :: Robert