Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. You walk into a room, someone turns and looks at you and laughs. What do you do? I NEVER let them see how upset I am, and being so dang overweight, I automatically put my defenses up. I just keep walking. What else can you do?

2. You find an egg, take it home and keep it warm. It hatches. What type of dinosaur is it? Do you keep it and name? Sandysaurus a is her name and of course I keep it. A lady never knows when a loyal dinasauer might come in handy.

3. Which superhero would you want to be related to and why? Ironman, because if he is really Robert Downey JR in disguise, that would be really cool. He could introduce me to a lot of people I would like to meet. Plus we would always get the best seats, and all the perks.

4. A drunken sailor comes up to you on the pier...he begins harassing you in a most repulsive way....what'll be your defense? Before or after I kick him where it hurts?

5. Entering a CLASS A piano bar, you're encouraged to sing atop the grand grab the microphone and sing..... Suspicious Minds

6. If you were a character in a Dr. Seuss book/movie, who would you be and why? The Grinch, because that is exactly how I feel every day having to live on my government check and Always being BROKE!

7. If you have just been called to be a substitute in the Winter Olympics for your country (apparently everyone else was busy), what sport(s) will you compete in?
Well, I would win a gold medal in the bobsled because I can sit on my butt for that one.

8. Did the audience from the piano bar in question #5 applaud when you were done with your song? The few that were left at the end of the song were to drunk to care, lol.

You can play HERE.