Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks

1. Kimber is freaking out because I didn't get the TT done yesterday. I had a busy day. Will you ever forgive me?
Just this once

2. So this weekend is Valentine's Day. When you think of yourself and this love-filled holiday, what is biggest memory?
My first Valentinees Day with my hubby. He made a candlelight dinner, rose petals in the bath, the whole romantic thing. Geeezzzz, that hasn't happened in a long long time.

3. Pajama pants. Who knew it could have so many fricken opinions. (Seriously... if you don't believe me) Would you... do you... could you wear PJ pants to a store?
Not in this lifetime, (unless my house burned down and that was all I had to wear).

4. I'm gonna give you one of those big heart candy boxes on Sunday. Are you an expert at chocolate candies and already know whats inside them all or will you just take whichever one and enjoy it no matter what is inside or are you one of those people who sticks their finger in the bottom of the candy to see what the filling is then puts it back if you don't like it?
I will love it and eat it no matter what....unless the candy is dirt cheap and looks older than me.

5. Scented Candles - whats your favorite?
plain ol vanilla

6. Snow sucks. We've mostly all been hit. What kind of snow shovel do you have? (The rest of you who live in sunny no-snow places... tell me your favorite sunscreen brand)
Had a tad of snow, but only enough for a toy sand shovel.

7. The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was "Oh crap. Kimber's gonna be pissed...." then I had a whole bunch of good ideas for questions to ask. Now I can't remember them. Do you keep a notebook next to your bed for times like that?
I have more important things to do in bed than write stuff down.....
like sleep!

8. Have you ever seen a groundhog in real, you can touch it and it will bite you, life?
nope, can't say that I have

9. Is there any key on your keyboard that is starting to wear off? Which one is it?
None are wearing off yet, but 'enter' and 'delete' get hit the most
10. Do you think Kimber should move to Minnesota and take long walks in the snow with Berleen?
Too much snow in MN, and way too cold. She shouldn't go.

Wow. Those questions sucked.

Today is "Make a Friend" Day! Let's all try to make one new friend today.