Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 6

1. What is the most snow you remember ever seeing where you live? About 2 inches.

2. Given a choice, would you prefer a day of snow or a day of rain? RAIN

3. How easily does your local area respond to snow or ice on roads? Everything shuts down til it melts (I live in the boobies in Arkansas).

4. Considering the source from which you most often get your forecast, how accurate was that source over the past week? Not at all. The snow was supposed to be way above us, but we got over an inch here. Our weather man is never right.

5. Take the quiz: Are You a Snow Bunny? My results :

You Are a Snow Kitten
You like snow in small doses. You find snow to be comforting, and you love to snuggle up under a blanket of snow.You're not a big fan of the hassles of snow. You're happy to see it come, but you're also happy to see it go.Go ahead and venture out in the snow from time to time! Throw a snowball or make a snow angel.You have an inner snow bunny inside you, and it's time to let that bunny play.

6. Okay, it’s time to confess: when the snow starts moving in, do you go to the grocery store and buy up all of the milk and bread? well, of course, I'm first in line, lol.

You can play saturday 6 HERE.