Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today is "Random Acts of Kindness" Day!

Do you do RAOKs just because you can. Doesn't it make you feel good? I have a challenge for you. Sometime during the next seven days, do a RAOK for someone. There are many things you can do on many scales. Here are a few samples:

Is the person on line in front of you trying to find a nickel to complete their purchase? Shell it out for them! You will be a hero for five cents.

You're at a function and someone looks a little self-conscious or out of place, pull up a chair and talk to them a bit. Not only is that an act of kindness to them, but it's kind to you too- you may enjoy an interesting, relaxed conversation with someone you'd otherwise never have met!

Call an elderly relative, an old friend, or a lonely aquaintence, and talk randomly for five minutes. You can save a life, change a person, or help a situation with just five minutes of your time.

bake cookies or a pie or a cake for a lonely neighbor or friend. It will make their day, and yours.

Have extra yarn or material or craft suplies? Send a surprise package to a blogging buddy.

Comment back and let us know what you did and how it made you feel.