Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Made my day!

Got a phone call this afternoon from my almost 3 yr old granddaughter Kaysen. Totally made my day. She acts so grown. lol  She said "Hey Meemaw. Daddy said I had to say thank you so here I am." Then silence. Daddy comes on phone. I had mailed the little girls coloring books and candy for Halloween. Back on the phone- Kaysen says "Meemaw do you like green?" I said yes. Back to Daddy. He informed me she was painting a new pic for my fridge. So I can honestly say I cannot wait to have that glorious Green cat hanging on my fridge door soon!
Life is wonderful!!!!! Hope you are having a great day. It's beautiful here but very chilly outside.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Long Time No See

I really have no excuse for not writing. I have been in such a crappy mood all month, and nobody wants to hear about that, so I waited, and I am determined Nov will be a better month. October has just sucked around here.

Medical Update: Well, the doctor said I am not doing so great. Well, duh! I have been telling him that for months. I have got to lose weight. I fell so far off the bandwagon, I think it ran me over. lol  But today is a new day. Back up to 304 this morning. Back on the bandwagon, and excited about it. Sleeping better, ate a scrambled egg for breakfast with tomato slices. Yummy! But what started this messy month was that the doctor has ordered me an in home care person. She starts tomorrow. I do not think I need one. As a matter of fact, I don't need one. But we shall see how it goes. My new liver is doing ok. My weight is causing most of my problems. Under all this fat lies a small frame, and my body is just wearing out from carrying an extra grown person around every day. So please wish me luck, and pray if you are a praying person.

On a brighter note:
I am going to be a grandma again!!!! After 5 granddaughters, I am so hoping for a boy, but we will see. Sex ultrasound is in Dec. This will be the last grandchild.This one is from Jenny and David who have Kaysen (almost 3). Due the 1st week of May. Very excited!

Do you guys give out trick or treat candy? I have done it every year, but not this year. When we lived in the city, we had hundreds of kids. out here in the boonies, last year we had 3, and they were friends kids. So this year I am just fixing a little treat bag for those kids, and turning off my porch light. My BOO days are over!

Oh, never made the wreath, and just basically did nothing this month. What a waste!

My goals for November:
Finish Christmas shopping (almost done)
Lose at least 10 pounds
Walk a little every day - baby steps
Read 1 book.
Organize my photos (hundreds) on the computer

I usually overwhelm myself with so many goals that I give up, so this time I am not doing that.

Also, our nephew Mitchell, who just got back from Iraq and is stationed at Fort Brag, NC is marrying the love of his life that morning- Kelli. We love them so much and hope they have a long and wonderful life together.

Saw this tattoo on Facebook and am still laughing. Hilarious! I guess I have a wicked warped sense of humor.

Have an amazing Monday! ~Sandy~