Monday, April 29, 2013


I really have no excuse for not posting for 2 months. I have kept up with a few of you on FB, and through email. I have every one of you and even though I think of blogging every single day, I just have not done it. Don't know why, but I', back and ready to start again. Starting everything again....
I gained what weight I had lost back and this morning started to eat right again, and even took a walk.

The best thing is- a new baby (so to speak) came to me through UPS this afternoon. Her name is Rocksy. She is the daughter of Seymour who belongs to Sandee at Comedy Plus. Seymour had an affair with the evil but sexy Ms Sandstone across the street, and of course a few months later, baby rocks arrived. I am so pleased to be the proud owner of Rocksy. She will be a big part of our lives for a while. She is big for her age, and I just love her already.
Photos of Rocksy will be coming shortly.

Spring has finally sprung here in AR. Can't wait to put some flowers in the ground. Do you have a garden this year, flower or vegetable?

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Curious Bird-
I've always been a very curious bird myself,
always wanting to how things work,
how relationships stay strong,
why I am the way I am.
Just happy I'm an old birdie,
because curiosity killed the cat!
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