Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. Why are computer mouses called mouses? Because they are sneaky and can get into places you could never imagine that they could

2. If a guy has no money and he goes into a bar does he get kicked out? NOPE, he's a guy

3. Why does Taryn hate rat terrier puppies? I have no idea, but so do I.

4. Why do polar bears not moo? duh! Because they are bears and bears do not moo..cows moo.

5. Why do people let doves fly at their weddings? They think it is like love doves.. just a way to ruin the bridesmaid you don't really like dress (with bird poo).

6. Why are no two snowflakes alike? Because God makes them that way, just like people.

7. Why do people want things that don't work? (ads in newspapers - like junk batteries wanted) To make a sculpture, to sell at the junkyard, to throw at their spouse, who knows?

8. Why do we have to wear shoes at school? So you won't get diseases... who knows where little Johnny's feet have been... or the principles for that matter.

9. Why do people wear socks with sandals? So they will look stupid and give us something to laugh about.

10. Why do we always want bear hugs? Who told you I wanted bear hugs? Who?

11. Why do dogs lick people's toes? And why do they like to lick lotion? Because dogs are addicted to toe crack. Lotion just tastes good.

12. Why do people get this little thing pierced - as she points to the little thing on her ear. To make them pretty.

13. Why do dogs like to eat out of litterboxes?  because they are hungry. FEED your dogs people!

14. Have you ever eaten a sandwhich that had really weird things in it?  nope, because I would not eat a sandwich with weird stuff in it.

15. Why isn't snow purple? because then you couldn't see the yellow spots where the above mentioned dog has been.

16. When the earth was made why was the sky made blue? It was a beautiful color contrast for the earth's backdrop.

17. Why do cats like laser lights? because it makes them crazy, and we all need a little crazy sometimes.

18. When someone invented Santa Clause, why did they make him fat? because a skinny guy would have gotten fat anyway eating all those cookies.

19. What do you think Santa does when he's not making toys? he vacations at the beach (with socks and sandals on). Don't you watch tv?

20. Why is it that suddenly I don't care anymore? because the questions are getting stupider and stupider. Is stupider a word?

21. Why are the healthiest things for you most expensive? So the big companies CEOs that make them can sit on the beach next to Santa.
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