Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love and War: Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of Review

Love and War: Finding the Marriage You've Dreamed Of by John Eldridge is one of the most honest book on marriage that I've ever read, and the one that has the most promise to be truly helpful. The hope that is found in this book is not only for those who have lost hope in their marriage, though it is for them. It's also for those whose marriages are strong and for those who are just beginning on the journey. Perhaps also for those not yet married, because what this book does is to let us see and know more of God's heart of love for us all.

Marriage is not only about love. For a couple to truly make it and have a happy marriage, they will have to fight. We must war for good marriage. Sadly, too many approach marriage with a romantic sort of story book mentality and then give up when the going gets rough, or they settle into a marriage of commitment without joy. The Eldredges call for us to settle for nothing but a great marriage, and they call for us to fight for it.

If you are married, I HIGHLY recommend this book. For a glimpse about what is inside, on pages 125 and 126 they together recap most of the book, here's what they say:

"- You and your spouse live in a love story that is set in the midst of a very real war.-

God gave us marriage, both as a picture of his love to the world, and because we are going to need each other.

We are not playing house-we are living in an epic love story.

- Your marriage is a perfect storm because your brokenness and sin collide in devastating precision with your spouse's. Yet God is in that, because he is using your marriage to transform you.

- When it comes to love and happiness, we are broken cups. We will put untold amounts of pressure on our marriage until we realize that God is the waterfall; he is the love we are looking for. The greatest gift you can give your spouse (and everyone else in your life) is to have a real relationship with God.

- You have an enemy, and it is not your spouse. The sooner you come to terms with the fact, the better."

About the Author:

John Eldredge is an author (you probably figured that out), a counselor, and teacher. He is also president of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own heart in his love, and learn to live in his Kingdom. John and his wife Stasi live in Colorado Springs with their three sons (Samuel, Blaine and Luke), their golden retriever (Oban), and two horses (Whistle and Kokolo).

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* I was sent this book to give an honest review and was not paid for my review This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.*

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