Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dove Men+Care

Men reach a point in their lives when they are comfortable in themselves, but not in their skin

•Through a man’s life experiences he eventually becomes comfortable in his own skin
◦E.g., when there’s no place he would rather be than a princess tea with his daughter – donning a tiara and all – or when little league outranks the major leagues
New Dove Men + Care celebrates the unsung moments when a man is comfortable with himself

•Manthem TVC (Superbowl spot) follows the journey from birth to fatherhood
◦The 45-second television commercial, titled “Manthem,” features a montage of scenes set to the “William Tell Overture” that follows one man’s journey from birth to fatherhood. The poignant spot depicts the expectations placed upon men when they are boys, the pressures they face as young adults and the societal forces they must contend with as husbands and parents.
◦Ultimately, it creatively and humorously illustrates the arrival of comfort that men experience when they can finally take it all in stride with their own definition of success.
•Wakey Wakey TVC
◦“Wakey Wakey” showcases how Dove Men+Care™ helps men arrive at total skin comfort. Features real men who fit the essence of the Dove Men+Care brand – men comfortable in their own skin who have had diverse experiences and responsibilities.
◦They value the things in their lives that help keep them that way
◦Dove Men+Care™ is a contribution to those day-to-day comfort factors

Now men can literally be comfortable in their skin thanks to new Dove Men +Care (Body and Face Wash + Body and Face Bar)

•Brand’s first ever product line formulated specifically for men’s needs
•Provides the cleansing and refreshment that men want combined with Dove moisturizers to provide total skin comfort
•Built on the Dove brand’s heritage in cleansing, moisturizing and care
◦Clinically proven to fight skin dryness
■No irritation or tightness
◦Dermatologist recommended
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