Monday, November 7, 2011

Nablopomo : Plane, Train, Bus, or Taxi?

This is my 300th post!

Plane, Train, Bus or Taxi?

Plane: The first time I rode in a plane I was 40 years old. I wasn't afraid of them. I just never got the opportunity or the nerve to go anywhere. Take off was amazing. I love everything about flying. The landing freaks me out a little, but then it's ok once I touch the ground. Now I have flown many, many times and never tire of it. I only hope our finances change so that we can fly a lot more.

Train: I have been on a train many times in my lifetime. When I was about seven, my grandma and I took a train ride from Athens, AL to Hartselle, AL. It was a special and for that day only you could ride that route for $3.00. When my granddaddy took us to the train depot, I cried like I wouldn't see him for months. We were back in a few hours.
My second time was with a guy that was evil on a train from Oceanside, CA to Anaheim, CA. His car tore up and we rode the train to go get his grandma's car. FAST train!Then when I lived in Los Angeles, I took the train and bus to get where I needed to go.

Bus: When I lived in CA, I took the bus 'everywhere'. It amazed me that usually there was standing room only on the busses. I had ridden busses in Las Vegas and Phoenix, and they made you sit down and if it was full, you didn't get on that bus. You had to wait for the next one. But not in L.A. They put as many people on one as you could pack on one. But I loved it!

Taxi: I took the taxi in Vegas a few times. I would always tell them I was a local, because if you don't and they think you are a tourist, they will drive your butt all over the back streets, and add up more charges because you don't know where you are as a tourist, and they just drive in circles.
As a kid I rode in a taxi once (again with my grandma) and there was a used condom in the backseat by my foot. It was so gross, and the driver was nasty looking. Took years of growing up before I would ride in a taxi again.

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