Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you made out your Santa wish?

Every year my sons ask what I want for Christmas, and I always tell them the same thing- pictures. Well, they always give me those anyway, so this year when they started asking, I decided to just be honest and tell them what I want. Otherwise they both go out and spend a lot of money on things I like but don't really need.

This year I asked for boxes of canning jars, because I want to completely redo my cabinets with jars.

I asked for a new journal, because I have resorted to writing in notebooks I bought at the first of the school year 3 for 99 cents.

Coasters because mine are worn completely out.

A GC to my fave store- Hobby Lobby.

A girly box of things I love like nail polish, makeup, make my face look younger items, etc... I have always had a passion for girly stuff and makeup, and now I still love it, even though I hardly wear it.

My big 'ask for' is a new sewing machine. WalMart actually has one on Thanksgiving night for half price ($46.) They could go in together for that.

But then I asked for crafty things I need - like toilet paper rolls, old light bulbs, altoid tins, pringles cans, an old spice rack, an old mug holder, and stuff like that I need for craft things I want to make. Freebies pretty much.

They usually spend about $100 each, and to me. that is way too much. I certainly can't do that, but they love their mama, and I love them.

So what do you want for Christmas????


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