Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's celebrations

Robert's voice

I think the voice I love hearing the most is my husband's. Robert has a normal voice, not soft, not harsh, not low or high, just normal. But it sounds wonderful.

When he says "I love you", when he whispers to me, when we lie in bed and talk before falling asleep every night, when he plays with the grandbabies, across the dinner table, even yelling at ballgames on tv, I just love hearing his voice. I cannot imagine not hearing it.

Whose voice do love hearing the most?  

Today is National Saleperson Day!

Be nice to the salesperson you meet today.
Try giving them a small compliment, anything that will make their day (and yours) a little better.


Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) is 55 today.
Eva Mendes is 36 today.