Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Thunks

1. What is your favorite kind of cookie?  oatmeal raisin

2. If a birds wing falls asleep, does it hurt when it tries to flap it's wings or does that make it feel better?  It makes it feel better, just like when your foot falls asleep, you walk on it and it feels better.

3. Water - tab, bottle, filtered or....??? I prefer bottles, but have been known to drink tap.

4. Would you (or do you) have a stripper pole installed in your home? No and no, not because I wouldn't like one, but fat 55 yr olds would look mighty nasty on a stripper pole.

5. Do you still have any Christmas decoration up? Nope, When it's over, it's over!

6. What brand of camera do you have? Sony

7. Why do paint colors have weird names? Who said they were weird?

8. Which toe is your favorite and which foot is it on? My big toes are my faves, on both feet, just because.

9. What would you do if a celebrity sneezed in your face?  Ask for an autographed hankie?

10. If a stranger came to your door and asked for a glass of water, would you give it to them? in my neighborhood, sadly, probably no

11. The government has asked that you pick the newest national holiday - what is it? My birthday, I've had so many of them, it should be recognized.

12. How many toothpicks could you fit into a beer can?  Depends, what size is the beer can? And what do I win if I answer correctly?

13. Whats the weirdest excuse you ever gave for missing school or work...or heck, even a social function, date, whatever?  I haven't actually, but I used to date a guy that gave his dad every disease in the world, then killed him off and started on his mom. Wonder what his bosses would do if they ever found out the truth. Let's tell them!

14. Can we stop now?  Please!