Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13

Starting with "A"

1. Aunt .... I am Aunt Sandy to Samantha, Sarah, and Scarlett-

2. August 12 is my birthday. I am a Leo.

3. Apple pie is my favorite dessert.

4. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

5. Our Anniversary is Nov. 22nd.

6. Aging is something that I am honestly not happy about, but it's inevitable.

7. I am proud to be an American!

8. My Ancestors on my Mom's side are from Ireland and Scotland. On my Dad's side they are Cherokee Indian.

9. I've always wanted to go to Australia.

10. I live in Arkansas. Our town is known as the Duck Hunting Capitol of the US.
Another pic of our town is my blog header.

11. I would love to learn all about Aroma Therapy. It amazes me what all the different scents mean, separately and combined.

12. Even though it is no longer trendy, I say the word 'Awesome' a lot.... way too much I think.

13. I have become Addicted to blogging.