Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today's Celebrations and Saturday Links

easy to make party hats:  HERE at Martha Stewart

~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Ever get those stupid machines when you call customer service. This site lists how to get straight through to a human without going through the prompts. It has many major companies that I call and I bet you'll save it as a fave.


EPOD - - Earth Science pic of the day. Click on Archives for all past photos. Amazing pics.


APOD - - Astronomy Pic of the Day.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Miss your fave soap or show? Now you can watch it online for free. Many to choose from.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Hundreds of FREE games to play. I'm addicted to Mr Men Pinball. My granddaughters showed me this site.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Find all the local craft shows, renaissance fairs, etc... here.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ - free things to do in any area of the US
~~~~~~~~~~~~ - what you wish your mama had taught you.... lots of cool ideas and stuff.
Ever want to see Egypt? It's on my list of place to go before I die. Here is a site that offers a new picture every day. Egypt PicoftheDay


Quentin Tarantino is 47.

Mariah Carey is the big '40'.

Fergie is 35 today.

real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson

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