Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing : The Tell Me About Yourself Meme

1. When is your birthday? August 12

2. Where were you born? Winston Salem, NC

3. Where do you live now? Holly Grove, AR

4. What is your heritage? Cherokee Indian, Irish

5. Tell us about a weakness. Terrified of creepie crawlies, especially spiders, and it aggravates me that I can't just kill them like everyone else. Just totally freaks me out to see one.

6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve? Lose 100 pounds!

7. What is the most overused internet phrase? lol

8. What was your first thought this morning? woke up thinking of a camping trip I went on in 2003...I know, wierd

9. When do you usually go to bed? around 11 pm

10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever? Never, don't know how and proud of it

11. Do you like your current relationship status? Love it

12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents? I got along so-so with my Mom, and only saw my dad a few times in my life, so didn't know him. I ALWAYS disappointed my mom.

13. How often do you drink alcohol? I used to drink an occasional wine cooler or daqueri, but since my transplant, I don't drink at all.

14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)? Nope, never.I'm older than most of you probably. Just never had the desire to.

15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell. Yes, when I was about 17 in a closed local pool where my boyfriend was the lifeguard..and yes...we did.

16. If given the choice, how would you like to die? in my sleep with no pain

17. What did you want to be when you grew up? a teacher

18. Have you ever been dumped? once...his loss

19. What's on your pizza? extra cheese, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and pepperoni

20. Have you ever shoplifted? when I was about 11...I stole a wallet from a local store..My mom took me there and made me give it back (SO embarrassing)...and I was never allowed to go in that store again..and was grounded to my room for what seemed like all eternity. But it worked ...I never did it again.

You can play along here.