Friday, January 4, 2013


A few Sandy tidbits of info!

I love and miss working. I was a supervisor for a major telephone company. I had twelve people in my department. We handled about 100 calls per day from customers. I LOVED that job so much. It was in Los Angeles. I am still good friends with many of my coworkers. One was Sentoria Green who is now a radio host of The Green Room on WDBL. Follow her on Facebook. -Sentoria Green. But the doctor says No to working after all the complications after my transplant, so no more for me.

Many years ago I owned my  own Craft Store. I took in consignment crafts, and I gave painting lessons. Yes, people, Sandy paints. I closed it after two years because I felt it was taking away from my family, and it was. My boys were 10 and 11 then.

I could live on fruits and veges with no meat, but hubby thinks that's anti- american, lol.

Without my transplant, I would have died 4 years ago. I DO believe in miracles.

I am completely debt free, not counting basic monthly bills. :)

I never learned how to swim.

I have a hairy chihuahua named Dexter. He is my baby. He is almost 4.

I am addicted to sweet tea. It is a habit I intend to break soon, very soon. I don't drink soda anymore.

I've never had a passport. getting one next month.

Because of hubby's ex job, we have lived in 5 states in 10 years- CA, NV, AZ, GA, and now AR.

I have a brother I have never met and cannot find. My son Dennis has taken over the search.

Til next time......~Sandy~