Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Morning!

For the 1st time in what seems like a long time, I actually feel good this morning. The nasty headache is finally gone, and so is the cough (knock on wood). Hoping none of you are sick. It seems to be running rampant almost everywhere.

Hubby and I are starting our 'once a month date' again. We were going to start this month, but he was already ill, and then I got it, so that was that. We live in the middle of Memphis and Little Rock. It is exactly the same mileage either way (minus 1 mile). When we first moved here to AR, we would go to Little Rock one month, and to Memphis the next month.  We eat out, and shop or go to a movie, or both. On Feb 2, next Saturday we are heading to Memphis for breakfast. I follow  a blogger who lives there and reviews local eateries on her blog every week. So we are going to eat breakfast at a whole in the wall called Bryant's. ( ) They are famous for breakfast and that is all they serve. Can't wait. I am the type person that I need something to look forward to.

A big Thanks to Sandee for the three books she sent me to read. I haven't started because I haven't felt like reading, but am going to read the first one today. Looking forward to it!

My son's church did a video advertisement for craft night to go on their you tube page. My son's family was chosen to do it. Here they are with all 4 girls. From left to right- Kelsi, Kenzie, Dennis, Regina, Lily and Maddie. LOVE it!!!!!

Til tomorrow, Sandy