Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So ready for warmer weather....

  It is SO cold here and the wind makes it worse. I am ready for flip flops and shorts. I LOVE summertime. Before I got fat, I used to stay in the pool. Again, maybe next year.
Hubby still sick, but feeling a tad better. Thank God he was off today, so he got lots of rest. Back to work for him tomorrow. Since he has not been eating, the diet has been good. Not cooking, eat oatmeal in the morning, a small salad for lunch (when I eat lunch), and something simple for supper.
Not weighing again til Saturday though. 
My caretaker Carolyn isn't here this week either. Her Mom is in Little Rock in the hospital. I didn't realize what all she helps with til she's not here.
 We are trying hard to meet our goals for this year, and have started off well. The weight loss has not been given the push it needs, but it has started. We have saved money out of each of his weekly checks, and my monthly check. All bills for the month are paid out of my check and what he makes is saved and used for things we want, or extras, like taking the dog to the vet, etc.. Plus we set up extra savings for our car account. We have to either get another car or have a lot of work done on this one. slowly but surely... that's how we roll, lol.
I've always wanted a pair of Prada shoes, which these are. What a shock! Not the Pradas of my dreams, lol.
Til tomorrow..... ~Sandy~