Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Naked ( well not really) Truth

This is my gorgeous daughter in law Regina and Me on Christmas Eve. My main goal is that next Christmas I will not be this FAT at Christmas time. Since I am at the beginning of my weight loss journey, I thought I would post pics, so I will have before and after pics. I hate looking at pics of myself, so maybe the more I post , the more it will motivate me.

Regina is in her mid thirties and Mom to my four girls- Kelsi, Kenzie, Lily, and Maddie. To me, she looks like a teen. I love her like she was my own.

5. for my grandchildren whom I love with all my heart
6. for my DIL Regina
7. for hubby cooking dinner tonight (baked potatos and baked pork chop).
8. for finally getting new renters insurance