Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bubble Baths and more

One of the things I miss most because now I'm too fat, is taking bubble baths. I can't get up and down out of the tub. I LOVE to soak in the tub with candles everywhere, music playing, lights out, and something cold to drink in my hand. LOL, sounds like one of those meet up ads, huh? But it's true, I just find it the most relaxing thing in the world. All my troubles go away for about half an hour. Motivating myself with a mood board of things I look forward to doing after the weight loss. Bubble baths are at the top of the list.
Are you bath or shower person?
Relatively slow day Monday. I cleaned my desk area, but still have a little more filing to do. I'm sure Caroline would help me do this, but I'd rather her not know my business when it comes to finances, etc. There was a marathon on of "Switched at Birth" so I caught up on several that I missed last season. Does anyone else watch it? I really enjoy it.  Then watched Biggest Loser. These people beg for the opportunity to be on this show, then all they do is complain. Maybe I'm just tired of it after so many years.
Elvis would have been 78 today. Geez, I'm getting old. Think I'll put on an Elvis cd and write in my journal.
My Dexter sleeps with a baby- always. -