Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yard Sale Finds Today

I have always wanted a turkey platter, and never had one. Found this baby for $2 at yard sale today, made in Italy.

A few other goodies, anew purse $1, smaller platter $1, lamp for my computer desk $1.50, a Ty bear dressed for my sunflower themed kitchen 10¢, a small wooden shelf 25¢, ice tray for water bottle ice cubes 10¢, a nice cookbook $1, a set of 2sconces and matching glass shelf $3. All this for only $7.95.

THIS is what I have been looking for for months.. a huge mirror (which will be turned the other way) to hang over my couch. She was asking $15..I got her down to $10. I am very excited about this great find.
SO, my grand total spending today was $19.95.
Started out as a great day; now taking hubby to ER in Little Rock, he is in a lot of pain again.

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