Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Weekend

It has been gloomy all weekend, but no rain.
I love how God plants pretty weeds on the sides
of the road to see. The picture does not do these justice.
Very pretty ditch of Pink!

Never a good sign. We have an old car and our
'check engine soon' light is always on.

Filled up on gas. It's $3.79 here. How much is yours?

Lunch at McDonald's. Woohoo!
That's what we call going out to eat!

Spent a few hours at the Isle of Capri casino (about 35 minutes from home).
Won $22.50

Then to Walmart for a few groceries.
Today is lazy Sunday. Hubby is working. I am doing, well, nothing, and it feels good. Hope you've had a great weekend.