Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Another Lazy Sunday

Latest pics of Lily and Maddie. As you can see, the tooth fairy has paid a trip to Lily's pillow this summer, not once but twice.
Maddie has so much energy and personality, it just spews out of her.

Lily's picture was chosen at her school as the 1st grade entry into the "Art on the Square". It is a shown done yearly on the town square for art projects, not just from school kids. I am SO proud of her. Drawing is what she loves to do and for 1st grade, I think it's pretty good. I thought it was a penguin at first. They were asked to draw their favorite thing. This is her CraZy bird she sleeps with every night, and it does look like it. I do love the pink bow she added to CraZy's head.
Just another lazy Sunday at my house. Grilling out tonight. So far that is the highlight of my day. It's a great day with absolutely gorgeous weather!