Monday, November 26, 2012

bah Humbug so far, lol

Hi, Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I think I slept almost the whole weekend away, lol. I tend to get depressed on Holidays, because I'm not around friends and family. I slept all night Sat night, off and on all day Sunday, and most of today......and just like that, I'm over it. Yes, yes, I know I'm weird. Plus I probably needed all that sleep anyway.

Hubby and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner and ate alone. Passed some out to a couple of elderly neighbors, that made me feel good. We shopped just a little on Saturday morning, but could only find a few things I needed. Beginning to think buying for Christmas will never be over. I used to Love Christmas. My whole month of December would be full of parades, cookie swaps, parties, and just all around preparing. With it just being us, I struggle to like Christmas anymore. We put up our tree. Well, I woke up yesterday afternoon and hubby had put up our tree. He is so good to me. I think he thought it would get me out of my "mood" as he calls it, lol. It didn't help, but I pretended it did so he wouldn't feel bad. I woke up determined not to get up til I felt ok, and I do now. Sorry for all the Bah humbug, but Christmas shouldn't be about the money (gifts) and for my spoiled grand kids, it is. Of course who spoiled them? ME!!! lol

 I have NO idea what to get my daughter in laws for Christmas. Do you think they would like a gift basket? Jenny has just started sewing and I thought I could do her up a basket of sewing goodies, and Regina maybe a spa basket, since she is raising 4 girls and going to school full time. Is that something you would like? I need to make a decision soon. Would really appreciate your input.