Tuesday, November 20, 2012

eye bags

I woke up at 5:30, checked Fb to talk to my DIL Regina. Lily had woke her up with a bug of some sort about 4 AM throwing up everywhere in bed. That means most of the girls, if not all, will get it. Please pray for them. Almost every time I go visit, I get sick, because I have basically no immune system now after the transplant, and if somebody has something, I get it. Last year after our Christmas visit, I wound up in the hospital with pneumonia and was sick for 6 weeks all because they had colds. I have to be careful.

Anyway, went back to bed for a few hours, just got up again with HUGE bags under my eyes. I hate that. Why don't they tell us when we are young that in our 50s things start to fall. Maybe that is what they mean by everything goes downhill. The boobs fall, and if you lay down, they head toward your underarms. Then my face fell. Literally the skin on my young tight face is now sliding downward. lol I always look like I am not smiling because my face slid into that position. People think I'm asleep while watching tv because the skin over my big brown eyes has slid and my eyes now look closed. Now I wake up with big ugly bags. The question is- would I get a face lift? In a heartbeat! OH YES!

Yesterday was a good day. I am beginning (trying hard) to socialize more. I have basically become a recluse to my apt and porch. Other than going to the grocery or Walmart, I stay in. Very bad for me. Anyway I had two neighbors visit yesterday, and Caroline came. She's being a lot more help that I thought she would. Then we went to do some shopping.
Christmas items bought-   0
junk bought I didn't need- 4
stuff I needed-                   2
time spent with hubby-     Great
We will go again on Sunday after church. Yes, I am going to church on Sunday. :)

Kind of blew the diet just a little- had a small grilled steak, baked potato (huge), and a big salad for dinner. It was good, but way too much food. I'm starting to notice I am getting fuller quicker.

Have an amazing day ~Sandy~