Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day!

Maddie got a new bicycle! She is 4.

It's been a very good day. Got the voting done, and am so happy all these negative ad campaigns can now be done. No lines. One of the perks of living in a small town (population 724).

I got a package in the mail from a new friend that totally made my day. She is truly a good person. What a fun surprise!

Went to the doctor on Monday and he ran lots of labs and a chest x-ray, and I have to go get a cat scan next week. He says my liver is doing great, and he is going to help find out why I have hardly any energy at all. My magnesium is low, but that is not unusual for a transplant person. So, we'll see.

My in home caretaker showed up today for the 1st time. She was supposed to start two weeks ago, but oh well, that's ok. I feel so strange about it. I have nothing for her to do. I need help getting in and out of the tub, because my tub is so high from the floor, but hubby helps with that. I may sound stupid, but I do not want to get naked in front a stranger and have her help me bathe. Geez, I'm just not 'that' bad off. Plus she can help me do small chores like wash dishes, dust, things like that, but the house was clean. So anyway, she is supposed to come every day at 11 AM for 3 hours five days a week. THAT IS CRAZY! Plus, I like my free time to read, and play on the web, talk on the phone to my daughter in laws, etc. Tell me, what do I do with this person every day?  Her name is Carolyn.

Everyone have an amazing evening!  ~Sandy~