Saturday, July 13, 2013

One of those weeks?

Ever have one of those weeks when you are very busy and just don't know what to say to the blogging world? Well, that was my week.

Monday was bill paying and errand day. Hubby was off and I don't do much computering on his off days.

Tuesday we went on a picnic before he had to go to work that afternoon. It was fun and Dexter got to run around and do sniffing as dogs do.

Wednesday, I started packing boxes. Our complex announced to us "3" years ago that they would be remodeling the apartments inside and out soon. Well, 3 yrs later, they have started. There are 4 apts in each building so they are on the 1st four now. We will be moving end of August or so into our new one. And, Oh Glory, we will have our own washer and dryers. Will let you know my new apt number when I move. I am trying to do a box or two a day.I don't want to wait til last minute.

Thursday, I slept, and slept and slept...well you get the picture.

Yesterday I did a lot of sweepstaking and then went to town with hubby when he got home from work. We went out to eat the buffet and I had a huge salad and then fruit plate for dessert.

Today, I am blogging, and am starting a new book. It is Mistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold. It is a thick one. I don't usually like historical fiction, but a good friend sent it to me and she says I won't be sorry I read it. What kind of books do like to read?

Have a great weekend!