Saturday, June 2, 2012

What did you do today?

I tend to forget this as I jump through the hoops of my day.
When I first married many many yrs ago, I knew nothing about handling money, so when hubby got paid, I paid the bills, and if any was left, I spent it. I read an article about a year later and all I remember about it is it told me to remember when I spend money, how many hours did my hubby have to work to pay for this item and was it worth it. I have lived by that ever since.
That article reminds me of what the picture is saying. Is what I do today worth giving away this day of my life for? I will try to always remember that now in my daily routine.
Do something special everyday, even if you have to jump through a hoop to do it. Smile at someone and you never know, it may be the only smile that person gets today.

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