Thursday, June 21, 2012

60 by 60

1. Spend a week at a beach.
2. Lose 130 pounds.
3. Go somewhere new.
4. Give up sweet tea.
5. Take a cruise.
6. Write my life journal.
7. Grow my blog.
8. Move to Alabama.(home)
9. Walk daily.
10. Exercise more.
11. Get even closer to my hubby.
12. Read the entire Bible.
13. Organize my entire house.
14. Visit kids at least twice a year.
15. Make most of my Christmas presents by hand.
16. Do a Random Act of Kindness at least once a week.
17. Attend a blogging conference.
18. Cook a new recipe monthly.
19. Add new states to my "visit each state" on my bucket list.
20. Take better care of how I look to the world and hubby.
21. Make lots of Barbie clothes for the little girls.
22. Start saving money so at the end of this list we can go on a nice trip.
23. Give up sugar (this will my hardest thing to do).
24. Pray more.
25. Stop playing recluse and get out of the house more.
26. Get my granddaughter tattoo on my arm.
27. Read a book a month.
28. Make more friends. (Remember one must 1st leave the house to do this one, lol)
29. After organizing, donate to charity.
30. Make blankets for the homeless.
31. Organize all my photos onto discs.
32. Save dimes the entire time and see how much I have at age 60.
33. take thousands of pictures!
34. Get a massage at a spa.
35. Go on an unplanned road trip with hubby. Just pack, get and the car, and go.
36. Take up painting again.
37. Make "Sunbonnet Sue" quilts for the 3 little girls.
38. Learn yoga.
39. Get my belly button pierced after losing 100 pounds,
40. Write a letter to my sons and grandchildren for them to read after I'm gone. I know, sounds morbid, but something I really want to do.
41. Learn to better live in the NOW and put the past behind me.
42. Go to a St Patricks Day parade (I am half Irish).
43. Resume once a week date night!
44. Use my new sewing machine.
45. Make a rag quilt.
46. have a "ME" day every Thursday.
47. Get another car before ours falls completely apart.
48. Help to better someone Else's life.
49. Get healthy. Stop cancelling Dr appts.
50. More intimacy in my marriage.
51. Celebrate daily holidays in small ways.
52. Get off my walker and walk, walk, walk.
53. Be happy!
54. Be positive!
55. Be motivated and motivational as well.
56. Buy a goal weight outfit.
57. See my brother Chuck and sister Tracie somehow, somewhere, someway.
58. Save money. Save, Save, save.
59. Work on becoming a better me on a daily basis.
60. Countdown the 570 days til my 60th birthday. and ENJOY it!