Sunday, June 10, 2012

me and tea!

I have been sick the past week. Now my daughter-in-law has it, which means it will spread to the kids. Pray for my granddaughters that they do not catch this mess.

Today is National Ice Tea Day. Now being from the South, I am an avid ice tea drinker. As a matter of fact, it's about all I drink. But we drink ours sweetened. When you order it at a restaurant, they automatically bring it to you sweetened. The very first time I went out to eat as an adult in California, I asked for sweet tea and the lady looked at me like I was totally crazy and informed me there was sugar at the table. I got used to that, but now that I am back in the South, I love my sweet tea!!
And although I am not particular about brands in most foods. I Must have Kraft mayo and I Must have Lipton tea. None better in my opinion!

This is in my cabinet at all times. I only like the 100 bag box, and have my recipe down pat, just the way my mom made it, with less sugar.

So try it, make your family a pitcher of tea tonight! You won't be sorry.
Missed you guys last week. ~Sandy~