Tuesday, June 19, 2012

20 Random Facts

About me of course..........

1. I am very crafty. I paint, crochet, sew, paper craft, art journal, scrapbook, and lots more.
2. I used to own a craft store in the 80's.
3. Watermelon is my fave summer time food.
4. My life used to be full of drama, mostly my own doing. not anymore. I lead a drama free existence.
5. I have gained 100 pounds in the last 3 years.
6. I have lived in cities my entire life, but now live in small country town of 725 people.
7. I love fresh garden veges. Especially, corn, cucumbers, green peppers, green beans, and tomatoes.
8. I could eat pizza every day, all day.
9. I live in an elderly apt paid for by the government. My rent is VERY cheap. Have great neighbors.
10. I had a liver transplant 3 yrs ago and am doing great.
11. My toothbrush is Hello Kitty. :)
12. Robert is my 3rd husband, and last.
13. My fave place to live was Los Angeles.
14. I grew up in Alabama.
15. I cannot dance. Have NO rhythm.
16. I love card games, and Bingo.
17. I HATE being fat.
18. I have 2 tattoos and want another one. Got my 1st for my 40th bd.
19. When I lose 100 pounds, I will get my navel pierced.
20. I am blessed!