Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can God Be Trusted Review

Can God Be Trusted by Thomas D. Williams, LC, ThD
Have you struggled with trust in God? Father Williams will challenge you to rethink many of your earlier ideas about God and what to expect from him. I believe he is exactly right when he says that we never expect too much from God; we always expect too little. Father Williams is a priest and a Vatican analyst. In this book, he talks about the reasons that some people don't trust God because of several different reasons. This book has the potential to help those without faith begin a relationship with God. The author assures his readers that God is up to the task of dealing with their doubts. He explains why we have trouble trusting. He tells us what we can and cannot expect from God. He makes plain why trust is so hard for some people and so easy for others.
I think this book will be most helpful to believers who are questioning the ways of the world. I am a believer and this book would make a great Christmas gift as everyone needs it.
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* I was sent this book from Hatchette Book Group to give an honest review and was not paid for my review *