Monday, June 24, 2013

How was your weekend?

This past week has been all of my emotions tied up in one- from super depressed to happy to sad to just feeling like crap about myself. Doctor changed my anti depression meds, and it made me CRAZY!!! One of those crazy weeks!

1. Started with Father's Day- got to really missing my granddad who raised me, and that led to missing my mom, which led to tears.

2. My neighbor's little girl Heaven turned 3 and I completely forgot it. Not good, because she even calls me Aunt Sandy.

3. Got our new fishing license for AR. Good thing! We love to fish.

4. My sister is coming to visit in August for 4 days. Good thing. She lives in CA.

5. Hubby made me very angry, which seldom ever happens. Ugh, MEN, sometimes I swear.... Not good! (all better now of course)

6. My other neighbor Ms Bea turned 72, I forgot. Not Good!

7. I cancelled my caretaker for the whole week. (Shouldn't have)

8. Stuck to my diet, GOOD!

9. Gave myself a "pamper me" day on Saturday. It was much needed and I feel so much better now.

10. Starting all over again tomorrow with a better week and a better me.

Back on my regular meds again. All is right with the world. And the things that are not, well, I can't fix everything, though I wish I could. Too old to be super woman anymore.

So how was your week and weekend?