Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting away from the Internet......

I had NO internet service service from yesterday morning til late this afternoon. I was upset about it yesterday, but got a lot done done today because of it. I organized my entire desk area, which was in a mess of disarray. I am also a note jotter. I am bad about numbers or addresses or websites on a little piece of paper, and never adding them where they should go. Got all that done today. So a day with no internet was a blessing today.

In God's Time-

This is Ms Sis ( I honestly don't know her real name, because that is what everyone calls her). She lives near me in the apt complex. She is almost 90 and has been told by doctors every year, at least twice a year, for almost 4 years that she would not live six more months. She sit on her porch (weather permitting) every day. She wears oxygen 24/7. She says she sits outside talking to God and waiting. I think that is so sad, but she seems to be a happy lady. Just wanted to introduce her to you all, and she is again proof that we won't go til it's our time, no matter what the doctor's say. If you are a praying person, please say a little prayer for Ms Sis. She is a good woman.