Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday Currently

Currently Sunday
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reading    The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton  
writing     my blog posts for the the weekend, and a long letter to my sister Tracie
listening   to my hubby snoring in the next room and the sound of the radio in the background. He can't sleep without it. I just love early mornings.
thinking   about how much I have to do tomorrow and looking forward to a day of rest on Sunday.
smelling   the still lingering smell of fresh baked cookies I made for my neighbor tonight
wishing    that Christmas would be over already. I know- bah humbug!
hoping     that all my granddaughters like what I got them for Christmas.
wearing   my comfy nightgown my DIL bought me while I was hospitalized.
loving      my new desk chair that hubby gave me for an early Christmas gift. It's so much more comfortable than the old one.
wanting   to be able to have enough willpower to stay om my diet journey during Christmas
needing   grand kid hugs, soon.........
feeling     very emotional this time of year. I still my my Mom so much. It's hard to believe she's not here. And missing my brother and sister who I wish I could see this yr, but can't. See , I told you...Bah humbug!  lol
clicking   Pinterest.... I am SO addicted, I need to stop clicking, and get up and do!
This is my first Currently and I love it! Hope all my friends join in.
Maddie the Pink Princess

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  1. Your granddaughter is beautiful, but you already know that.

    I'm sorry you're not into Christmas. If it stresses you out then don't participate. It's just not worth the added pressure.

    Have a terrific day. :)