Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays be excited about my new camera. have a hard time staying away from the scales. I want to weigh all the time. Who knows, I may have lost an ounce, lol. be upset that hubby can only get off one day, the day after Christmas. That means we will leave after he works on Christmas Eve to go to AL, a 5 hr drive, stay at David's, off to Dennis' the next morning, and home again Christmas night. Shortest trip ever!
..that I'm just not into Christmas this year, but am very excited about the New Year. keep buying myself things I find as great deals, when I should be shopping for the family.
..that I love all the Christmas movies on tv. I could watch every single one...and some twice. be happy that hubby got really Nice things at his Holiday work party Sunday night.
..that we are having spaghetti for the second time in 7 days.
..that it is Grey's Anatomy night!!!
..that my house is a total mess. Just don't care today. be thankful and Thank God for the Amazing week we had last week. It was GREAT!!!
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