Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meet our Family/Friends Saturday

Tracey and Buddha
This is my sister-in-law Tracey and her man Buddha. Tracey is hubby's only sister. She has two sons whom we adore. Mitchell just got back from Iraq and married a really sweet girl named Kelli. Her youngest, Christopher, just graduated high school this year and is working and deciding what to do with rest of his life.

Tracey is honestly the sweetest hardest working woman I know. Her heart is HUGE. She loves camping, motorcycles, and photography. Her and Buddha have been together seems like a lifetime, and he is her soul mate. She has a smile that will light up your day and is always so positive.

They live in Washington state near Seattle, and their oldest that just married also just bought a new house in North Carolina.

Mitch and Kelli
Tracey and Christopher
We love you guys so much!!!!!