Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Six

Saturday Six at Patrick's Place

1. Were you alive when The Brady Bunch premiered?
Yes, I was 14

2. When do you remember watching the show for the first time?
When it started, I loved it, can still sing the song.

3. If you had been the seventh kid in the house, which sibling do you think you would have most likely gotten along with the best?
Greg who I thought was so hot at the time.

4. Same scenario: which sibling would you have least gotten along with?
probably Cindy, she was a little whiny brat.

5. Take the quiz: Which Brady Bunch character are you?
You are Cousin Oliver. Without you, The Brady Bunch would have quit while it was ahead.
See, I told you I was forgettable; who in the world is cousin Oliver?