Monday, May 27, 2013

THank you Sandee

Sandee over at Comedy Plus helped me fix my comments problem. All week I have been getting up to a dozen a day of these "anonymous comments". I was afraid they might have given my blog a virus or something. Scary stuff! Anyway, she told me how to fix it so I'm all good to go.

  It's been a slow week. Rocksy and I are getting to know each other and she is fitting right in. Haven't felt too good, so went and got labs done early this month. I guess no news is good news, because they only call if there is a problem. And they haven't called.

Dennis and Kenzie had a father / daughter date night to see Iron Man3. I love that he spends special time with each child. I think that is so important. As you can see, she is getting to wear a little makeup now. I don't think she needs it at this age (she'll be 13 in Aug), but I stay out of that stuff.

Today is Memorial Day. I haven't lost anyone close to war but pray daily for our troops to come home and be safe. I hate war.  Well, that sounded stupid, I doubt anyone likes war. Anyway, Robert is off today so we are going to try to do some productive things around the house, and maybe go on a picnic. HAVE A MARVELOUS DAY!!!!!!