Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Rocksy

Rocky's story=
  My very first blogging buddy and good friend Sandee over at Comedy Plus had a pet rock named Seymour. Well Seymour snuck out and spent too much time with Ms Sandstone ( the seductive rock across the street) and she became pregnant with Seymour's babies. She gave birth to 5 baby rocks. Sandee was kind enough to let me adopt one.
  This is how she came to me- as naked as the day she was born. You will be seeing many changes in Rocksy on our journeys together. Just wanted you to know her story and how she came to be in my life. Maybe one day she even meet her brother Roche', who now belongs to the Empress Bee over at Muffin 53 part deux.

Today Rocksy will be out paying bills and getting her a little more covered. We don't want her to like her slutty mom after all, lol.