Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Halloween

What has happened to Halloween? When I was a child, we dressed up in our parents old clothes, and we were gypsies, or withches, or bums, or princesses, whatever we could put together. And we waited until it was dark to go trick or treating, because it wasn't so magical in the daytime. And there was no religion put into the holiday. It was fun. No going to the ER to have our candy x-rayed. Of course that was in the 60s and the world has changed.

I have five granddaughters and they all trick or treat except the oldest who goes to a party this year and the youngest because Mom says no. They all have storebought costumes that costs over $200 for all the costumes and accessories that go with them. I could pay two bills with $200 and have some left over. And they go in the daytime, and try to be home before dark. Who knows what spooky things could happen in this day and time. And of course on the way home they have to stop and get the candy x-rayed.
All of my family go to church (different religions), and one son and his wife do not believe in Halloween. They also do not intend on telling their child about Santa because that would be lying. My goodness, let the poor girl have some fun. She is two!

Anyway, other than monetarily, Christmas and Easter, etc... have not changed so much. It is a sad world we live in when we have to be afraid of bad adults doing bad things to our kids on the one night of the year they should be having fun. Halloween should be about nothing but playing dress-up, going to get candy, and eating til your sick when you get home, lol.
Times, they are a changin'.

This is my first Stream of Consciousness Sunday entry. Check out the website and do it too please.

I am doing Nablopomo in November. It is not a good time for me to start as Nov is the only month when they don't have a theme. I have to idea what to write, but I will think of something.
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